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Campaign Endorsements 2010

* Organizations listed for identification purposes only

Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor of the City of Richmond *
Tom Butt, Richmond City Council *
Jeff Ritterman, MD, Former Vice-Mayor, Richmond City Council *
Arturo Cruz, San Pablo City Councilmember *
Whitney Dotson, East Bay Regional Parks Director *
Leonard Mcneil, Mayor, City of San Pablo *
Rosemary Corbin, Former Mayor, City of Richmond *
Kris worthington, Councilmember, City of Berkeley *

East Bay Express

Amahra Hicks, Black Alliance for Just Immigration Member (BAJI)*
Amy Ukena, Richmond Resident, GRIP Festival music Director
Andres Soto, Richmond Planning Commissioner, RYSE Center Board Member
Anthony Allen, Community Activist
Arkila Covington, Richmond Resident
Bang Nguyen, PhD Richmond resident, Public Health Researcher, Stanford Professor
Barbara Becnel, President, BWOPA*
Bobby Brown, Life-long Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Brigid Acuna, Richmond Resident
Cynthia Burke, Economic Development Commissioner, Business Owner, Bee Realty
Carol Teltschick-Fall, Richmond Planning Commissioner*
Charles Smith, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Che Soto, Youth Mentor
Connie Portero, Richmond Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Dajenya S. Kafele, Retired Social Worker
David Moore, Business Owner, Sincere Design
Deanna Wallis, Richmond Resident
Delphine Smith,
Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Demetria Saunders,
Richmond Human Rights Human Relations Commissioner
Doria Robinson,
Life-long Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Dr. Henry Clark, Director, West County Toxics Coalition*
Ellen Seskin, Richmond Resident
Fletcher Oakes, Richmond Resident
Fred Jackson, Community Activist, Richmond Resident
Gabriela Reardon, Richmond Resident, Teacher
Gabriela Segade,
Richmond Resident
Gerald Lenoir,
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)*
Iyalode Kinney, Communities United Restoring Mother Earth* 
Jackie Thompson, Community Activist
Jahahara Amen Ra Alkebulan Maat, Author, Former co-chair NCOBRA
James Hall, Life-long Richmond Resident
Janie Anker, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Jeanne Kortz, Citizens for a Sustainable Pt. Molate*
Joan Garrett, Richmond Resident
Joe Puleo, Richmond Resident
Johnny White, Shields-Reid Neighborhood Council President*
Juan Reardon, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Juan A Reardon, Richmond Resident, Professor of Agroecology
Kathy Robinson,
Life-long Richmond Resident, Community Advocate
Kate Sibley, Richmond Arts Commissioner*
Kay Wallis,
Richmond Resident, Activist, Health Educator 
Kimberly Ellis,
Life-long Richmond Resident
Kristin Pursley, Communities  Organized to Support Adult School*
Dr. Krista Farey, Physician, Richmond Health Center*
Lana Bolds,  Crescent Park Apartments Residence Council President
Lincoln Bergman, Richmond Resident
Lortta Harris, Performance Artist
Margaret Browne, Retired Richmond High School Teacher
Marilyn Langlois, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Mary Peace Head, Richmond Commissioner on Aging
Mary Williams, Life-long Richmond Resident, Former Community Develoment Commissioner
Michelle McGeoy, Economic Development Commissioner*
Mike Daley, Environmentalist
Mike Parker, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Mohamia Williams, Parchester Village Neighborhood Council President*
Nicole Valentino, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Nunu Kidane, African Network Director*
Ormond Otvos, Richmond Resident
Othereen Christian, Iron Triangle Neighborhood Council President*
Pat Chamber, Psychologist, Life Coach
Prasad Leon Pollayil, Richmond Business owner, M&E Market on Harbour Way South
Randi Gerson, Architect
Ramon Cardona , Richmond Resident
Rev. Kenneth Davis, Community Activist
Rev. Phill Lawson, Civil Rights Activist, Member Richmond Vision*
Rev. Susan Meeter, Richmond Resident
Richard Boyd, Richmond Resident
Rita Barouch, Richmond Resident, Social Worker
Roberta Stern, Children’s Mental Health Therapist
Roberto Reyes, Richmond Police Commissioner
Sharron Gelobter, Attorney, Richmond Resident
Sheryl Lane, Richmond Planning Commissioner*
Sherry Padgett, Richmond Southeast Shoreline Area (RSSA) Community Advisory Group
Shirley Butt, Richmond Resident
Shukuru Sanders, RN, Richmond Resident
Shyaam Shabaka, Eco Village Farm Learning Center
Sydney Metrick, PhD, Small Business Owner
Sylvia Falcon, Richmond Resident
Tarnell Abbott, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Terry Harris, Black Firefighters Association*
Toni Favila, Richmond Resident
Tony Sustak, Richmond Resident, Community Activist
Valvia Jefferson, Life-long Richmond Resident
Vicki Autumn, Richmond Resident
Wendy Gonzalez, Richmond Human Relations & Human Rights Commissioner
Yvonne Nair, Homeless Advocate
Zabeth Cooper, Long-life Richmond Resident
Linda Newton, Richmond Resident
Sharon Ward, Richmond Resident


This is a partial list


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“...I want to tell you how in awe I am of your dedication and fortitude to make a difference in the Richmond area. In working with kids you see the larger context of social justice and the environment which is essential for wholeness."   ~   Marietta Wilkstrom, Child & Family therapist


SEIU Local 1021
United Teachers of Richmond
AFSCME Local 57
AFSCME Local 144
UPE Local 1
Sierra Club
MAPA - Richmond
Blacks Mobilizing, Organizing and Educating Richmond
Planned Parenthood
Richmond Progressive Alliance

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." - BARACK OBAMA, speech, Feb. 5, 2008

Join me, and many good friends, neighbors and supporters in a celebration of truth and good ideas. We need them both and badly in Richmond, and we need them soon.

My priorities will be to work on:
Preventing crime and violence with jobs, youth programs and public safety
Developing and diversifying our economy
with new green technologies and more support for small business
Defending Richmond’s health
with less toxic places and more open spaces
Building unity from our diversity,
embracing our differences and pulling together as one Richmond
Better utilization of City funds
to reduce the bureaucracy, expand services, and fix our streets.

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Phone: 510-698-9309       E-mail:       Write: P.O. Box 5061, Richmond, CA 94805

Sincere Design Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council         FPPC # 1307178